Day 4- Thoughts

Day 4- Thoughts

    Haley left today. I am sad that she is gone. She's my twin, my 5x5, my support while out here on the island. I guess I have to branch out and actually talk to new people now….  The morning was slow, breakfast and an hour of yoga on the side of the river. Just laying by the water is meditation in itself. I feel strong right now but a bit broken after two days of Nile Special. 

      After lunch I paddled out to Nile Special and started my session with 4 very good rides. The wave was exponentially easier today as the pile was larger, it was however harder to get to the top of the pile. I hopped out to have a bit of a rest and watch people, I was planning on having a long session. As the session went on I started thinking about new moves that I could try. Clean blunts, air screws, back blunts, back pan ams. I got back in and tried a clean bunt, it didn't work. I landed on my face, embarrassed, but laughing at myself. 

      My session ended with the best window shade that I think I have ever done in my life. I stuck a nice left pan am and proceeded to try to turn around, catching my upstream edge and my upstream paddle blade. It was painful, entertaining, and hilarious to say the least. 

    We heard rumor that if the rain came from downstream it would rain on the island. I kept looking downstream and noticing eerily dark clouds coming upstream. I didn't want the same thing to happen today as it did yesterday. I started paddling relatively rapidly downstream aware of the imposing storm. The wind changed mid way through my paddle downstream and I paddled even faster. I made it to shore, quickly changed my clothes, got my bag with my book, my sketchbook, and my laptop and headed to the dining area, I knew it was going to be a big one. Yes, it was . Huge. Trees falling, tents flying, broken poles, rain going sideways, thunder and lightning that felt like was striking 10 feet from where we were. It was action. People were coming in, soaked to the bone, the boys played soccer, entertainment. 

    After the rain event, the night ended quietly and quickly for me. I found myself snuggled in my tent reading “The Fault in Our Stars”. I fell asleep with a smile on my face, excited about what tomorrow would bring.