Day 7- An Intro To the Farm

       Last night we had a deluge of rain that did not stop all night long. I could only imagine the amount of people who woke up with a puddle under their sleeping arrangement. I, on the other hand, woke up dry and thanking Haley for bringing an extremely dry tent that is drier than any tent I have ever slept in. I had brought my gear into the tent fly because I really do hate putting on wet gear, even if its 95 degrees outside. 

       The river was low when we got up so it was a waiting game for prime Nile Special. I had a slow breakfast and then I dove into another book, “Paper Towns, I am already halfway into it. The island sure does go through books quickly. I laid on my yoga mat and proceeded to sweat my face off for about 3 hours until lunch, I drank a liter and a half of water in that time. I love being hot!

       After lunch, we headed off the island and saw where all of our food is coming from. They have an awesome farm with fresh veggies and loads of pigs, ducks, and chickens. We picked loads of carrots and then headed back over to the island. Quickly after we got dressed, seeing some looming clouds, and headed to Nile Special after the water came up a good amount. 

       I was working primarily on back moves again today. I had a rough start to my session, not sticking anything, flushing on my first attempt at a move. I walked it off and got my head back in the game. A few rides in, I landed two flashbacks and an airscrew attempt that pretty much landed on my head but somehow I stayed on the wave. After a few more rides, I felt like I had just peaked and was not having such good rides anymore. 

      I headed back to the island, re-outfitted my boat #shortgirlproblems, did some insect killing inside my tent, and was back in the book.