Day 10- The Ants Attacked Me.

     I am not going to lie, today was one of the more frustrating days on the water that I have had. The lines are getting a bit long, about a half hour to twenty minute wait for a ride on the wave to do a couple of moves and flush. I was hoping to have this feeling happen later in my trip, I knew it would happen, but I was trying to make sure it stayed at bay. What I need to do when I am in this situation is be sure to know that I am lucky to be here and have this experience. 

    It has been really nice having mom here because I can talk to her about things that a lot of other people would not really understand. I am a complicated person. 

    I spent the morning doing housework in the tent. I had gotten eaten by some sort of animal while sleeping last night so I was on a decontamination mission. I think an ant had gotten  into my tent and felt like it was necessary to chomp on my back all night long. I have multiple, massive, welts on my back that itch like crazy. Luckily, I have some Poison Ivy Salve from the Tomboy Organic Skincare Company that immediately took away the burn. I took everything that I brought with me out of the tent, turned the tent upside down, shook everything out of it, and slowly put my house back together. I made sure to organize little areas in my tent because I had been losing stuff in this huge 8x8 tent. 

    My session at the end of the day was not so good, I felt like I had met a plateau in my paddling where I was so tired but still wanted to get some paddling in. Mom had also paddled out with me again and she was being a lizard on the rocks, talking to all of the kids, watching everyone paddle their butts off. 

Mom watching another day on Nile Special. 

Mom watching another day on Nile Special. 

      Yesterday, she had some trouble on the eddy line so today I told her to keep paddling through the eddy line, she made it through the eddy line but that made her get right into the meat of the rapid. There are some pretty big waves in there and she did great. She stayed upright and aggressive while paddling against a lot of water. I was really proud of her. 

     Well, at least one of us had a breakthrough today, tomorrow is a new day.