Day 11- Soul Searching

    Today, after a rough day yesterday, I wanted to find my soul again. I woke up early, around 630, watched the sun rise and went kayaking. The wave was pretty low so it was really green and challenging but I could do back blunts and that was about it. I had a short session, it was too early for me to be totally coordinated, but paddling back to the island I had a smile on my face. 

    I did some tanning this morning, the sun was out and I am just getting into reading Gone Girlso I really don’t want to put it down. It is nice to just lay in the sun, listening to music, reading a really good book. Meanwhile, Mom was doing laps running around the island and then did some yoga, she is more active than me sometimes. 

    After lunch, I was unsure if I was going to paddle again. The Spaniards had gotten here last night and that was an extra six people in the eddy, just what I didn’t want. I walked over to check out how many boats where on the water and I realized there were not many people on the water. I suddenly broke into a run and got all of my gear on in a rush and rallied out to the wave, it was a prime level for Nile Special, after all. 

    There were five people in the eddy, I was so stoked. This is exactly what I needed, I had my music playing loud with my iPod shuffle, and no video going, this was a soul searching session. I had the best ride that I have had since being here. I did moves that I have been working on for years and moves that I have known how to do for years. During the whole ride, I had a massive smile on my face and I was singing Taylor Swift at the top of my lungs, I was back. My morale has risen and my soul has been found, it was hiding somewhere between the top and bottom of the Nile Special wave. 

    Mom told me today that she thinks I am moody just like Africa. One minute it is raining, one minute it is sunny, one minute it is cold, the next minute it is hotter than what you would imagine Africa is. I guess Africa, and I, are like a Katy Perry song…