Day 18- Breakthroughs

   Today was a day of breakthroughs. I woke up early to see if Club Wave was in, the water was still too high so I grabbed a cup of coffee and walked back to my tent. I watched some video from the past days and I laid in my tent, just thinking about the action of the ever unique Helix move. I was rolling around, making funny noises, Lord only knows what people thought who were walking past!

    I had a pretty frustrating session at Club after breakfast. The line was quite long so we were taking turns waiting, well…. I missed the key level and by the time I caught it the wave was more of a fighting level and not so nice. 

    I let my morning session roll off my back and I made sure to live in the present, no matter what. After lunch, we had a meeting about Air Screws and we all had a brainstorm session on what is the best option for moving forward. Just talking it out with peers helped the mission at hand. 

    I went out to Nile Special and I was stoked to work on what I had just learned in the peer review/talk session. Initially, my Air Screws were more snappy and more aerial, still not where I want them to be though. After a few Air Screws, I started working on the always frustrating Helix. I am not going to lie, I window shaded very hard, five times in a row. Alas, I did not let this bring me down, I started a mantra and after a few more tries, I did a “kind of” Helix. The motion was there, the air was there, the rotation… was there… Either way, I started the progression and there was massive progress today and I had a huge smile on my face. I am so excited for what is to come in the next days of this camp.