Another early morning for us this morning. We were up with the sunrise and after a coffee and some reading I was on the water by 8 a.m. Club Wave had dropped in and it is the perfect wave to learn new moves on. It’s steep and fast but not nearly as painful when you crash. I was, once again, working on Helixes, this time going left. 

    Let me just get something out in the open here, anytime before around 10 a.m. my coordination is always a bit “off”. My brain and my limbs don’t work in conjunction until I have had a good amount of coffee and time to start my system for the new day ahead. My little body takes a lot of energy to start up in the morning. So, for the people on the shore and in the eddy, my kayaking abilities at 8 a.m, are more entertaining than productive. I was alright with that for this morning, I laughed it off until my body finally figured out how to actually work together and I ultimately started doing some moves. My last ride I did my first ever left Helix, though it wasn’t really aerial, it was the motion and thats all that matters, right?

    We had a late breakfast which made for some uber hungry kayakers around 10 a.m. but we all made it through and had a restful afternoon. I had a bit of a headache throughout the whole day, it is so hard to drink enough water when we are kayaking for so long and it is getting pretty warm in the afternoons. 

    Due to the water levels we ended up doing a discussion about back blunts and back pan-ams in one of the open air shacks on the island. It is Easter weekend so the island is full of people whom are not kayakers, I can’t imagine what they thought of us rolling around on the ground doing back blunts and back pan-ams. How embarrassing. We did a flat water session after the discussion to try to hard set some of the motions while in a kayak then we were done for the day. Big days out here on the island and more to come!