I’m writing this from my tent once again, awaiting yet another massive thunderstorm to roll in from Tanzania. Outside of my tent, there is a cacophony of frogs, the rain is lightly starting, there are some pretty strong gusts of wind, and light thunder accompanying the lightning. Something big is coming, or maybe I am just uneasy tonight because I have been attacked by a flying ant (while laying on my bed) and found a massive spider in my toiletry kit, which relatively promptly was murdered, following a small struggle. Now I am just wondering what other creepy crawlies have made their way into my home away from home. 

    Today was another day of the ADP Camp and I woke up this morning with the mantra of: “I am alive, I am awake, I am present”. This mantra helped me through the two sessions that I did in the morning and kept me in a good mood throughout the day. My coaches had instructed me to try to keep energy levels up for longer during a surf. This meant, utilizing the wave, conserving energy when needed, throwing on a pass that may not be the “perfect” pass, and working to overcome obstacles on a wave that you do not find in a hole. 

    My second session was the best session I have had here yet. I had four rides, if those rides were competition rides, I would be very very pleased with myself and the progress that I have made in the last couple of weeks. Sadly, all of the footage from the day was deleted by a fellow student before any of us could place it on a computer or viewing device. This seems to happen with the best footage. Either way, I guess that means I need to do it again, it shouldn’t be that hard, right?

    I suppose I will read my book to wait out this storm, there is no sleeping to be had in weather like this.