Day 24- A Girls Adventure

   After yet another rainy night, we all made it and awoke to find the levels at the wrong level for any “good” surfing. We (six girls) made the plan to head to The Haven, a perfect place to get internet and connect to the outside world while looking over the White Nile and the rapid called “Dead Dutchman”. We all charged our computers, iPhones, and iPads after a good few days of no power on the island. Due to the time change (7 hours ahead here), I was unable to really speak to any of my family or my amazing boyfriend. 

    We stayed at The Haven for a few hours and began our drive back. This was after we push started the truck that we were rallying around in. We had to stop in Nazigo on the way home to pick up some supplies for The Hairy Lemon. All of us were super hungry and I ate a street side chapati, it was amazing. In the village, it is not very often 6 girls come piling out of a relatively beat up Toyota Hilux, needless to say, every single person was staring at all of us. We loaded up 6 cases of beer and 12 cases of water. The truck would not start again, after we loaded everything into it, all six of us (minus Claire because she is a princess) had to push start the truck again. It didn’t work going forwards so we tried backwards, that didn’t work either, we tried forwards again, still didn’t work, finally, we tried backwards again and it finally revved up. By this time, not only had we gathered a crowd but kids were laughing and men had started helping us, entertainment for sure. 

    After a few other mechanical problems and Islay and I almost flying out of the back of the truck (with the beer and water), we made it back to the island. Right when we got back, we had to eat a rushed lunch and get ready for the competition (?!) that was going on at Nile Special today. It was a loose rodeo but still fun. I didn't have the rides I wanted, I had one goal and I didn't hit it so I was a bit disappointed. I quickly got over it and ended up surfing until it was dark out.