Day 29- Back to the Wave

   I had a relatively sleepless night due to a rooster crowing a bit early, when I say early I mean at 2 A.M. and not stopping. Either way, it started raining midway through the night and I had done my laundry yesterday. Nothing was dry, dilemma number one, how do you dry your washing in the rainforest, in the rainy season. I stuffed it all back into a dry bag (how ironic) and headed over to NRE Backpackers with Islay for some coffee and a small breakfast. I was getting back to the island in a cattle truck with the rafting crew. 

    The ride, as always, was bumpy but beautiful. The landscape here is rolling hills with loads of farms, sugar cane, rice, pineapple. There are hundreds of shades of green and children wearing bright colored school uniforms. I (somehow) finished the book I was reading, One Day, it was a good read, a bit depressing at the end though. 

    Back on the island, I sussed out my washing which was still dripping wet, hung it on the line and prayed for it to not rain. Lunch was served and after a quick game of Catan, I headed out to the wave feeling fresh and ready to work on stuff. My first rides were the best, this seems to be a pattern, I was working on back Pan-ams and Pistol Flips, they were all coming around and I had a pretty useful session. I am still trying to figure out the helix, it has been interesting. 

    I stayed on the water until nearly dark and then took an awesome cold shower, it had been about five days. Most of my laundry had dried which I was thankful for, I put clean clothes on for the first time in nearly a month. What a novel idea, clean clothes. The rest of the day was anticlimactic and I was in bed and almost asleep by ten.