Day 31- Looking Ahead

    I read another book in two days. I am a reading machine on this island. It is quite nice to lay in the sun and crush books but, it’s not really what I came here for. I had another slow morning due to water levels, I am not much of a morning person as it is so slow mornings don’t bother me. I did an hour of yoga, I am feeling the changes in my body since I got here and I haven’t been doing much yoga. I’m looking forward to getting back home for some yoga. 

    I couple other guys from the international freestyle circuit showed up, it’s good having new blood on the island. I made sure to work on all different types of things one being using more energy in passes while making short competition rides. Even though I am getting loads of time on the wave, I need to utilize my time better. Agh, I sound like my mom. But it is true. Minimize front surfing, maximize moves. 

    I am now starting to think about training for team trials and what my ride is going to look like. This is hard because the Glenwood, Colorado, wave changes with water levels so none of us really know what the level is going to be like. We are all hoping for the best but we can’t control those water levels. 

    As the day came to an end I started reading yet another book and then laid in my tent and watched some more of The Hobbit, at this rate, maybe I will make it through all of the Hobbit/Lord of the Rings movies before I leave.