Day 32- Feeling It

   I was really feeling it today, what “it” was I am not sure. Something pushed me to go paddling when the level was a bit too high for Club Wave to be good, making it Fight Club. This wave is awesome at low levels but higher levels brings a curler on the surfers left side that builds to like eight feet tall and then squashes anything or anyone in it’s path when it breaks. It is truly an experience that I would rather not participate in. I only have a handful of days left here though and I need to utilize them wisely. Either way, I went paddling, my first ride was fantastic, then I started getting trashed and I was not too keen so I ended up only doing three rides and vacating the wave for the day. 

    Because it’s the weekend, the island fills up with families and other “non-kayakaing” people. I am into yet another book, Kalob, Sarah, and Islay have all abandoned me for bigger and better things for a few days. After lunch I found myself hanging comfortably in a hammock listening to yet another rain storm, with a book in my hand. I fell asleep pretty quickly but woke up about twenty minutes later feeling refreshed. I wandered down the hill to find all of my friends back on the island playing a hearty game of Settlers of Catan. I grabbed a coffee and got caught up on the happenings of the World. It was so nice to have them back, I was getting a bit lonely. 

    Kalob and I headed out to Nile Special, the first five rides that we had were amazing. We did clean blunts, helixes, pistol flips, and massive pan-ams. Of course, it was raining so we had no video set up and once we got the camera set up, I kept missing the wave and Kabob was flushing on spins. But, there were some surfs that I took where I was laughing so hard that I couldn’t do anything but front surf. Even though we had a bit of a crap technical session, I laughed more today while kayaking, since I have been in Africa. 

    My time in Africa is coming to a close, I guess I need to go home at some point, right?