Day 35- My Final Day

Day 35- My Final Day

    Today I woke up knowing that I would only have one more day of paddling left until I headed back home. I knew I needed to harness some energy to do the moves that I have learned and keep progressing with the moves I knew prior. I am sore, broken, my hands hurt, and I am relatively low energy but I knew I had to paddle hard. 

    I started packing my things this morning, how depressing. I have been here for 35 days and it has become like a second home to me. The people who work in the kitchen are also caregivers and people I have learned from. My friends on the island have become even better friends and I have learned a lot about them in this short time. I am used to going to sleep in my tent, with my sleeping bag, surrounded by stinky kayaking gear and clothes. I am going home to an amazing house and an even more amazing boyfriend. I am still apprehensive about the culture shock that may ensue after so long out of the States. 

    After breakfast, the water was still too low for Nile Special but too high for Club Wave, it was a waiting game again. We played a few games of Setters of Catan and waited for lunch. The days on the island go, sleep, eat, play Catan, eat, go kayaking, eat, play Catan, sleep. That pretty much sums up the days. I like all four of those things so island life works well for me. 

    My session on Nile Special was amazing. I had some mind blowing rides and did all of the moves that I wanted to do. We were also paddling with the Ugandan Freestyle Team, which was super fun in it’s self. They are awesome guys and hoping to raise enough money to be able to come to Canada for the Worlds in September. 

    My last surf of the trip ended in a huge smile and soul surfing whilst thanking everyone I could think of. I am so excited to be able to have had this experience and to be able to share it with so many other people.