What another amazing day on the Hairy Lemon. It was a day of reading, rest, relaxation, reflection, and remaining positive. I am super into Gone Girl, I can’t put the book down, Mom told me that would happen. After breakfast, I did loads of reading and sitting in the sun that graced us with it’s presence today. It is the midst of the rainy season, after all, so the sun is really not out that often these days. All of the power on the island is solar, this makes it pretty interesting keeping computers, cameras, and iPads charged and ready to use. 

    We played a game of “Settlers of Catan", the “normal” island game, after lunch and waited for the water to come up to a healthy level for Nile Special. It was another day of being in the heart of Mother Nature and basking in her wealth. 

    The session out at Nile Special was perfect. We didn’t have too many people in the eddy and Mom had paddled out with me again to hang out on the rock. There is a kid who we pay to hold the rope for us and loads of the kids who hang out want to video our rides so we pay them also. Many of the kids are educated in some fashion but education in Uganda gets expensive as the years go on, they have to pay for uniforms and sometimes even have to bribe the teachers to come to class. It seems like a vicious cycle. 

    It is nice having them there to help us out but they know they need to go to school too! I made sure to keep a level head during the session and not take anything too seriously. I started trying air screws again but I was getting blunts both ways all of my rides, I was pretty happy about that. 

    Another good day. It is Mom’s last day tomorrow so I just want to hang out with her all day long!!