Day 16- Working Harder

   I’m laying in my tent, on an island, in the middle of East Africa. The thunder is rolling outside, there are massive lighting strikes but still no rain, we all know it is coming though. Another great day in Uganda. Sadly, I said goodbye to my Mother today which made me sad but, so happy to know that she just got to have a super sweet experience with her daughter, not many parents follow their children to Africa. 

    We were lucky enough to have another day of Nile Special all afternoon, even if the session felt a bit broken up with a massive thunderstorm. It was amazing, the kids who are doing work for us, none of them went home to stay warm and dry, they stayed right where they were, shivering and cold, just happy to make a few shillings. These kids work harder than most adults that I see. 

    Tomorrow, I begin what I came all the way to Uganda for, the ADP “World of Champions”. A ten day course, taught by two of Britain's best freestyle coaches, Dennis Newton and Jacko Jackson. This will be the first time I have ever gotten true coaching in freestyle. The last time I had a true “coach” was when I was still a student at World Class Academy, nine years ago. I am very interested to see how these next ten days will go, but I am looking forward to the experience and the knowledge.