Finding Balance
Finding Balance

The Yogi

When Shannon Christy guilted Adriene into going to a hot yoga class in the spring of 2013, she never planned on calling herself a yogi. Yoga started as a time for Adriene and Shannon to hang out in a hot room, after Shannons' death in July of 2013, yoga became so much more for Adriene. It became a time when she could get on her mat and channel her energy on happiness to get through a hard time. It became a journey she had never expected. In March of 2017, Adriene went to Thailand and received her 200 hour Yoga Teacher certificate in Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga. The importance of finding balance in a World that is full of school shootings, sadness, and tragedy is diffcult and yoga has helped Adriene find balance.  

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Why yoga?

Why not? The health benefits alone of yoga make it well worth the time and money put into it. Add in the mental health benefits and the ability to control your breathing in stressful situations. What is there not to like? Yoga teaches hyper active people how to control their brains and even meditate. Yoga increases joint stability through balance and learning how to control certain groups of muscles at once. Lastly, yoga places people in positions that allow the person to open their heart and mind to what their bodies can actually do. 

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Soul Yoga

Soul Yoga is Adriene's main studio in Greenville featuring hot Power Yoga, Sulpt Yoga, kids yoga, and a deep stretch class is also offered. You will always feel welcomed into the Soul studio space by all of the employees and the people you practice beside. For any questions, feel free to contact me or push the learn more button below.

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