Day 1- Sensory Overload

It isn't really “Day 1” of the trip but it has been a long 24 hours. Snowy dropped me at the airport at 430pm after stopping by the Lole Showroom in Atlanta. I felt sad, apprehensive, excited, exhilarated, all at the same time while I entered into the TSA world of security with sad puppy dog eyes watching Snowy walk back the car without me. It’s 17 hours of flying time to Uganda, 8 hours from Atlanta to Amsterdam, a 90 minute layover, 8 hours to Rwanda, an hour layover, and 30 minutes to Entebbe, Uganda. In my quick layover in Amsterdam I feverishly drank a much needed Espresso from Starbucks and checked in with my family, half way there.

When I land in Entebbe, I am in a slightly drunken stooper from so much flying and not enough sleep. Immediately, I am greeted by women wearing what appear to be butchers aprons and masks that don’t cover their noses. They promptly take my temperature (that whole Ebola thing) and I am moved on to get my bags, apparently I didn’t have a temp. My kayak and paddle are waiting for me when I enter the baggage area and my Watershed Drybag is drifting around the carousel waiting for it’s owner to claim it. 

    I exited the airport with not much grace, what does a 5 foot girl do with a kayak, a paddle bag, a massive dry bag, a backpack and a purse, there is no grace left in this effort. I am greeted by what seemed like 100 of my newest friends, I saw a sign that said my name on it in the crowd, I motioned to him. We loaded my things in the van and off we went. 

    The last time I was in Entebbe was 10 years ago, after I had been expelled from World Class Kayak Academy, for drinking. Everyone makes mistakes. I felt slightly nostalgic on the road to Kampala, the biggest city in Uganda, I was still young and dumb, I took things for granted, everyone learns a different way.

Here's to new adventures!