Had another early morning here on the Island. I wandered out of my tent to witness a spectacular sunrise, they never cease to amaze me here, always vibrant colors and over in an instant. I grabbed a coffee and headed back into my tent after checking out the levels. I did some video things, finished up my morning coffee and headed out to Club Wave for a short session. 

    I am getting a little better at paddling in the morning, my head seems to be working better and I am getting moves more consistently in the mornings now. I even did some Helix's. I need to be sure to warm up properly though, my body is pretty sore after twenty one days here!

    I had another late breakfast and then did some visualization with the ADP World Of Champions, working on clean blunts and clean pan-ams. I love how the teaching of Den and Jacko is both very hands on and hands off at the same time. I never feel like I am getting too much information but at the same time I am learning at a rapid pace, it feels amazing to get “real” coaching and I know I am benefiting from it, on and off the water. 

    After my experience last night, I needed to clean my tent out and do some housekeeping. I packed all of my stuff into my Watershed Drybag, not only does the seal keep water out, it keeps ants out! Flipped my tent onto its side and shook everything out of it that I could. The sun was finally out all day so I took advantage and made some ant traps on my tarps out of duct tape with the adhesive facing out, so far it has worked spectacularly. I put my tent back together and did some remodeling of my layup and was happy to call it my home again. 

    I paddled in the late afternoon on a low water Nile Special which is more frustrating than anything. I just wanted to get in my boat and do a few rides, I did a few rides, accompanied with some very epic crashes. I will be sore tomorrow.