Day 33- Moving the Piglets

   I went off of the island today. After breakfast, I went for a first hand tour of the completely sustainable farm that the owners of the Hairy Lemon run. Because of the remoteness of the island, the island relies solely on solar power for anything electric. This bodes for interesting moments during the rainy season when the sun will only show it’s self for a of couple hours throughout the day. There are also two water wheels that pump water to massive bins then utilize gravity for use of the toilets and showers, there is no hot water for showers. 

    The farm is 17 acres of completely green land. There are ducks, chickens for both eating and laying eggs, cows, and pigs. During the tour we had to wrangle all of the baby pigs into a new pen that they hopefully cannot get out of. It was interesting, that is one word for it. We then went to look at the garden, in which part had been eaten by ducks and chickens whom still need their wings clipped. Ah, the joys of running your own farm. In order to get into the garden, you have to walk through the cow paddock. For milk cows this would be no problem, but these are meat cows and they are terrifying. They are not scared of humans at all whatsoever and they have massive horns. They got my heart rate racing and I just wanted to get out of there! Either way, it is a pretty amazing thing that they run. Vegetables, all sorts of different fruit trees, and herbs are all grown here amongst the 17 acres. 

    After my adventure to the farm, I headed out for a session at Club Wave which had dropped in nicely during the tour. The session was once again full of laughs but I got some good things done. Every extra day I am getting on the water, I feel like I am learning something new about paddling on waves and getting the hang of new tricks. 

    I didn’t paddle again because the levels did not bode well for the waves. We played Catan and did video review for the rest of the day. At the end of the day all of us were heading out of the bar and I noticed something wriggling on the floor. We ended up figuring out it was a baby snake, a black baby snake, there was a high possibility it was either a black mamba or a cobra, sadly it was put to it’s death after minutes of deliberation. Black Mamba bites kill a grown man in less than 15 minutes, they are not to be messed with out here. We all went to bed knowing, if there is one baby black snake, there are many more.