You Don't Always Win.

    So, after being home from Africa for a good amount of time. I am hoping that everyone enjoyed the read. This is just a follow up blog and a video to entertain people as they go to work on this Monday morning. 

    I am back in the US and actually just finished working three weeks in a row for First Descents as Lead Staff. First Descents is a non-profit foundation that gives young adult cancer survivors a chance to out live their diagnosis by giving them a free outdoor experience while teaching how to kayak, rock climb, or surf. I of course was working on the kayaking courses, based out of the Nantahala Outdoor Center. I am now sitting in a Starbucks in Glenwood Springs, Colorado after a long 24 hour push to get here for a morning surf. It's time to surf some more waves!!!!!

  Everyone comes back from these trips with awesome trip reports and super sick videos. What all of you don't see is how much we really do crash. I was learning so many new moves while I was over there, it was painful sometimes, it was angering sometimes, it was just plain stupid looking sometimes. Some of these crashes also remind me why I wear elbow pads (G-Form) while surfing big waves. So, for your viewing pleasure, this is the reason why I need to do yoga every day. 

   So, now on to new adventures. I have the GoPro Mountain Games this weekend in Vail and the day after that ends is the US Freestyle Team Trials on the Glenwood Springs waves. My work is never done. #outlivingit