Day 30- Goals

    Wow. 30 days in Uganda. I have learned so much in the last month with regards to kayaking and myself. I have become a better person and more understanding of peoples differences. It is awesome how the experiences in your life shape you as the person you are. 

    It was a slow morning, a lot of coffee and not much energy morning. After lunch I did some outfitting in my boat, fixed a hole in my spraydeck and after faffing around for a long time, headed out to Nile Special with my Watershed dry bag full of camera and snacks, the rope for towing into the wave, and 1.5 liters of water. I was pretty weighed down. 

    I got the wave all to myself for eight rides which was huge. I didn't care if I flushed or messed up, I was trying new moves and going bigger on moves I already knew. It made me realize that I definitely paddle at my best when I am just thinking about the wave and what I am going to do on it. This is something that I plan on working on more as the competition season comes around. 

    I attempted helixes which ended up being flip turns, but that is a step ahead. I also landed a couple more pistol flips which is making me very excited for the year to come. My last goal for the day was to do three consecutive moves in a row, doing a move each pass down the wave, I completed this goal also. I was very happy paddling out of the eddy at the end of my session. The boy who has been doing all of my video for me told me he thought I did good kayaking today, that made me even more happy. 

    Tomorrow, I have even more goals and thoughts on what I can do out there. I am energized and looking towards the horizon for even more goals. Now, I am laying in my tent watching The Hobbit, he has some life changing adventures too.